Application Monitoring & Performance Management

Retaining responsibility for app performance management, DataPlatformExperts team executes a wide range of monitoring activities to keep an eye on all critical metrics, such as response time, transaction completion, message queue exceeds and detect and resolve potential dangers before they cause any serious process disruption or damage UX.

Change management and training services

To manage app modifications successfully, our team pays due attention to all core steps of the change process. We analyze the reasons for a change, ensure comprehensive testing coverage, estimate risks, make up a safe release plan, and conduct the post-change review.

Also, DataPlatformExperts sees to the smooth adoption of new app components and upgraded/extended versions of already existing ones to your IT environment. We complete delivery with tailored training (in the form of step-by-step guides, onsite workshops, webinars, etc.) for different users and departments so that they can leverage the updates to the fullest.

Help Desk Capabilities

Our managed application services can be additionally reinforced with help desk support. Our help desk team is available on based on your need as a single point of entry, which improves the experience of app users with prompt responses and constantly updated knowledge base. It also optimizes the work of support teams of higher levels with right prioritization and helps a business to be in more control of their apps with comprehensive reports on resolved tickets.

IT Support

Our services are designed to meet the customer’s needs of different complexity. We combine mature IT service management and reasonable agility on all the stages of the managed IT support services we deliver to ensure high service quality. We proactively improve service reliability and functionality and scale up our IT support services to meet the needs of your growing business.

AWS Cloud

Our AWS managed services are designed to minimize your management efforts and provide you with complete transparency over IT infrastructure management activities.

We apply our expertise to keep your AWS services and applications stable, expenses optimized, and required changes implemented promptly.

Azure Cloud

DataPlatformExperts can help you plan and design your system for the cloud (public, private, or hybrid), as well as adapt your configuration management practices and release process for seamless extension into the cloud. We will give you advice and help you with reviews, guidance, best practice recommendations and enhancements for using cloud services.