Who We Are

DataPlatformExperts provides Data and Application management consulting to small to large-enterprise companies. Our journey began with Database and Analytics consulting and expanded to provide end to end support and services to our customer by establishing an offshore center in India.

Our Core Values

Customer First

 We believe that it is all about creating a great experience for our customers and delivering value to meet our customer’s business strategic and technical goal. It is possible only if we Listen to our customers to understand their need and how to improve service that we provide, Learn about how to improve our service by collecting regular feedback, and empower our team to Act to improve our service.


Teamwork is what makes us unique. Our belief is that smallest things can make the biggest impact so we never hesitate to go that extra step. It creates a system to bring new ideas, help resolve problems, ensure that deadlines are met with high quality work, and builds morale. It has been proven that proper teamwork allows everybody to learn from each other without undue risk, provides sense of accomplishment, and builds stronger working relationship.


We are always learning, experimenting and moving forward. Our goal always to look for new ways to create great experience for our customers. We share our finding and research detail with customers to help build their business and technical strategy to achieve their goal. We believe that innovation keeps organization relevant and help company grow.


We fulfill our promises and commitments for every engagement. We hold each other accountable and value honesty. We believe that integrity is doing the right thing whether anybody is watching or not. That encourages open and honest communication and that indeed helps ensure we are listening to our customers, learning from feedback, and taking required action.