Design, Architect and Implementation

We believe that design isn’t finished until someone is using it. We help companies from Ideation to Implementation in their database and platform solutions.

Migration and Upgrade

Whether you need to migrate and/or upgrade database on-premise or in-cloud, our team of experts can help you at every step from planning to execution. We service all three categories of database systems: Relational, Non-Relational, and Massive Parallel Processing

Database and Platform Optimization

An optimized database and platform is key component to improve efficiency and throughput of a database management systems. Whether your application serves Internal or External clients, efficient you serve better the experience and result.

BigData Solutions

Wide range of tools and technologies availability leads to confusion on identifying right solution for business. In absence of right solution, Solutions turns into Problem. We help our customers starting from building Data Swamp to Data Lake that ultimately turns into an intelligent data platform for running their business whether you want to do real time analytics, batch analytics or historical data analytics.

Cloud Data Solutions

Like BigData, there are many type of database systems available in Cloud. Not selecting right database systems for your business, can cost enormous amount of time and money to meet business objectives. We evaluate and help evaluating database solution to meet your business need to ensure you select and implement right database solutions in Cloud whether it is Non-Relational, Relational or Massive Parallel Processing database systems.

Security and Compliance

We understand importance of Security and Compliance for any organization and we reflect that in our solutions right from design and architecture. Even if we are helping our clients with implementation, we are still very focused on security and compliance aspects of solutions. We work very closely with Internal and External auditor of our clients to ensure all aspects of Security and Compliance are fully covered.

Strategic Resourcing

There are many candidate available in market, it is very time consuming process for any company to hire right candidate. We help companies by providing shortlisted candidates who have been interviewed by our experts, to help our clients select Right candidate without wasting their time and effort.

Corporate Training

Training helps improving performance and morale of an employee which indeed result in increasing efficient and capacity to adopt new technologies and methods to help grow business. We provide training on Database systems (Relational, Non-Relational, Massive Parallel Processing), Database Integration, Transactional database design, Warehouse database design, Data Analytics, and Big Data.